A comparison of the north and south colonies of the united states

how did the economies of the new england middle and southern colonies differ

The dollar bills and coins we use today have been through many changes in appearance and value. Paper and metals have been the appearance of most currency.

differences between north south and middle colonies

The Civil War that raged across the nation from to was the violent conclusion to decades of diversification. Very seldom does this difference occur between two people who are closely related or alike through nationality.

Comparison of colonial regions

During this period, each region developed a distinctive identity that would dramatically affect the manner with which it participated in the American economy. Agriculture and environment were factors in the way each culture grew Duration: 80 minutes Unit: US1. How did political and social life evolve in each of the three regions? North The northern soil and climate favored smaller farmsteads rather than large plantations. In fact an overwhelming majority of immigrants, seven out of every eight, settled in the North rather than the South. The slaves maintained a separate and distinct culture through a Gullah dialect, which is a mixture of African and English vocabulary. Because starting businesses like these was more risky than farming in the South, the Northern economy lagged behind until enough capital could be built for more investments. Notable differences are found in the way social life was structured among regions. Habermann, Franz Xaver. Take a moment to pick one place that is different from here.

The environment is ideal for water-powered machinery millswhich allowed for finished products to be crafted, such as woven cloth and metal tools. Washington, D. Also, inthe South's agricultural economy was beginning to stall while the Northern manufacturers were experiencing a boom.

Manufacturing Differences Northern states relied more heavily on manufacturing, or the creation of products.

A comparison of the north and south colonies of the united states

Etching hand colored. Industry flourished, fueled by more abundant natural resources than in the South, and many large cities were established New York was the largest city with more than , inhabitants. Northern colonies purchased cotton from their southern counterparts, and then sold textile to England. Young men were expected to earn a trade or work towards a religious or political career. The Massachusetts Bay Company received a charter and was required by law to hold meetings with appointed stockholders and officers. The Southern colonies had fertile farmlands which contributed to the rise of cash crops such as rice, tobacco, and indigo. The differences between the North and South can be seen from the colonial period when each side first came to America.

Instead it was indentured servitude, which is when a man or woman agrees upon a contract to work for certain amount of years in exchange for transportation to the New World, food, clothing, shelter, and above all, land However, while initially similar to the war in Korea, the war in Vietnam soon outgrew and exceeded the expectations of U.

They exported agricultural products to both New England and Europe.

the most significant difference between the northern and southern carolina settlements was that
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Differences among colonial regions