A report on the moonstone an epistolary novel by wilkie collins

Franklin and his allies trace the claimant to a seedy waterside inn, only to discover that the Indians have got there first: the claimant is dead and the stone is gone. Later that night the diamond is stolen from Rachel's bedroom, and a period of turmoil, unhappiness, misunderstandings and ill luck ensues.

She found evidence a paint smear on his nightclothes that convinced her that he was the thief and concealed it to save him, confusing the trail of evidence and throwing suspicion on herself.

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Rachel wears the stone to her birthday party, but that night it disappears from her room. The novel was Collins's last great success, coming at the end of an extraordinarily productive period in which four successive novels became bestsellers.

During the ensuing year there are hints that the diamond was removed from the house and may be in a London bank vault, having been pledged as surety to a moneylender. When he was murdered, he was on his way to Amsterdam to have the stone cut; it would then have been sold to replenish the plundered trust fund before the beneficiary inherited.

Despite the efforts of Sergeant Cuff, a renowned detective, the house party ends with the mystery unsolved, and the protagonists disperse. Under the dead man's disguise is none other than Godfrey Ablewhite, who is found to have embezzled the contents of a trust fund in his care and to have been facing exposure soon after the birthday party.

Their course of thought and action under the circumstances which surround them is shown to be what it would most probably have been in real life sometimes right, and sometimes wrong. The mystery of what Blake did while in his drugged state is solved: he encountered Ablewhite in the passageway outside Rachel's room and gave the Moonstone to him to be put back in his father's bank, from which it had been withdrawn on the morning of the party to be given to Rachel.

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To his astonishment she tells him she actually saw him steal the diamond and has been protecting his reputation at the cost of her own even though she believes him to be a thief and a hypocrite.

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