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Elvsted possesses, Brack privately tells Hedda that Lovborg did not kill himself, but rather died from a wound inflicted to the bowels - either the result of an accident or someone else's fire.

When she confesses this to George later, he is overjoyed that his wife loves him enough to destroy the work of his professional rival. As soon as he came back to the city Mrs.

Tesman asks her to be kinder, but she clearly has little real interest in him either. He leaves, and she burns the manuscript, referring to it as the child of Ejlert and Mrs. Elvsted the truth about the manuscript—namely, that he lost it.

Aunt Julle raised Tesman and still supports him financially. Eilert eventually stops by the Tesmans and we discover that Hedda has a history with him; they used to be intellectual buddies the way that Eilert now is with Mrs. He found Hedda in the living room and he tells her that he destroyed his literary work but in the end he admits he lost it while he was wandering drunk and that he wants to kill himself because of it.

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Hedda catches him tiptoeing in and asks how his night went. Julle was crushed and then Mrs. He started a fight over the matter, and when the police arrived he even struck an officer and tore his tunic.

She gets what she wants, but what she wants is not anything that normal people would acknowledge at least, not publicly to be desirable.

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