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Gros' depiction of suffering and death, combined with heroism and patriotism within an exotic locale became hallmarks of many Romantic paintings.

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Reason no longer held the high place it had held in the eighteenth century; its place was taken by imagination, emotion, and individual sensibility. Romanticism emphasized the individual, the subjective, the irrational, the imaginative, the personal, the spontaneous, the emotional, the visionary, and the transcendental.

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This particularly in the effect of nature upon the artist when he is surrounded by it, preferably alone. The French had their Romantics too, though not in the same profusion as Germany. These artists emphasized transient and dramatic effects of light, atmosphere, and colour to portray a dynamic natural world capable of evoking awe and grandeur. The Quadruple Alliance was formed to hold periodic meetings to maintain the peace of Europe. Delacroix painted historical scenes, such as "liberty Leading the People" which glorified the beautiful spectacle of revolution, perhaps construing it as part of the French national character. The spirit of persisted, however. It was also to some extent a reaction against the Enlightenment and against 18th-century rationalism and physical materialism in general.

Napoleon commissioned the painting, hoping to silence the rumors that he had ordered fifty plague victims poisoned. Abrams placed it betweenorthis latter a very typical view, and aboutperhaps a little later than some other critics. Updated and modified regularly. The major writers of the second romantic generation were primarily poets; they produced little prose, outside of their letters.

Arthur Lovejoy attempted to demonstrate the difficulty of defining Romanticism in his seminal article "On The Discrimination of Romanticisms" in his Essays in the History of Ideas ; some scholars see Romanticism as essentially continuous with the present, some like Robert Hughes see in it the inaugural moment of modernity[35] and some like ChateaubriandNovalis and Samuel Taylor Coleridge see it as the beginning of a tradition of resistance to Enlightenment rationalism—a "Counter-Enlightenment"— [36] [37] to be associated most closely with German Romanticism.

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Fuseli's ghastly scene was the first of its kind in the midst of The Age of Reason, and Fuseli became something of a transitional figure.

The romantic writers responded strongly to the impact of new forces, particularly the French Revolution and its promise of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective.

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Romantic literature is characterized by several features. Dynastic and territorial questions were settled on the principle of legitimacy. While Fuseli held many of the same tenets as the Neoclassicists notice the idealized depiction of the womanhe was intent on exploring the dark recesses of human psychology when most were concerned with scientific exploration of the objective world.

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Romanticism Movement Overview