An analysis of the hero character of ray in the short story shoeless joe jackson comes to iowa by wp

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And in Ray's magical, blessed baseball field, he offers healing sanctuary first for Shoeless Joe, an outcast and a sinner, just as Jesus made a point of eating with tax collectors the outcasts of his day and sinners.

Kinsella has commented that today's major league baseball players and owners are greedy and have no regard for the baseball fan. Johnny Kinsella Johnny Kinsella is Ray's father. Salinger, who joins Ray in his quest to restore the broken dreams of the past.

In the novel, Ray believes that although Shoeless Joe may have accepted money from gamblers, he did not deliberately throw the series but was the victim of greedy baseball owners. Life is better. His wife's family dislikes him, and he has equally negative feelings about them. He could finally get the recognition he always wanted, without lying.

When the announcer announced his name, Eddie was proud that he could now prove that he was the oldest living Chicago Cub.

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Shoeless Joe author W.P. Kinsella saw baseball as a metaphor for life