Analysis of the burj khalifa tower project

Several companies, especially real state advertised annual rental of Burj Khalifa studious at AUD First of all, a rise in prices of raw materials had gone up significantly due to the downturn of the global economy in Inauguration of the Burj Khalifa on 4 January Consequently, in a number of respects, overall outcomes of Burj Khalifa met its objectives.

work breakdown structure of burj khalifa

The pieces were selected as a means of linking cultures and communities, symbolic of Burj Khalifa being an international collaboration. The result is an efficient building in terms of its functionality, structural system, and response to wind, while still maintaining the integrity of the initial design concept.

The Burj Dubai project consists of the tower itself, as well as an adjacent podium structure, and separate six-story office annex and two-story pool annex.

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Structure was designed very safely to withstand the effect of wind and gravity load.

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(DOC) Burj Khlaifa Management analysis