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As the global halal industry grows, Malaysia continues to cement its status as a global leader in the halal industry as according to the Global Islamic Economy Indicator GIEIfor the fifth year running, Malaysia overall has the leading Islamic economy ecosystem.

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Finding Based on the review on the existing literature and the research done by previous researcher, we have summarized the findings on the awareness of gen-z towards halal food.

Muslim were prohibited from eating the flesh of pork and its derivatives as it is a sin and impiety to do so. According to the report, there are also over officially recognised certifiers globally, but there remains limited oversight by impartial accreditation bodies, leaving substantial room for misrepresentation.

Rahman, and A. He further highlighted that the market potential may be even greater as it is not just exclusive to Muslim communities. By comparison, non-halal cosmetics sales are forecast at a CAGR of three to four per cent over the same period.

However, Indonesia is not listed in the top 10 countries in the Halal Food Indicator of Thomson Reuters, defeated by minority-Muslim countries such as Brazil and Australia. However, in stated that the process for halal certification of the food products is not complicated.

Gen Z lifestyle also contribute to lack of awareness to halal consumption. There are many reasons for the prohibition of pigs and one of the reasons is to protect Muslims from harm.

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The correct labelling on halal food is essential for consumers, because certain labels can often be misleading HFA, Looking at the involvement of small entrepreneurs in the halal food industry, it is still lacking due to a variety of capital constraints, competition, technology and weak business networks as well as lack of experience from the marketing aspect of their business expansion Sazelin Arif, Some studies have shown that the lack of knowledge, awareness and understanding of the halal concept between Muslim producers of halal products may lead to the declining values of halal-ness.

Meanwhile, we also conduct the interview towards Gen Z for their opinion and behavioural of the awareness.

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Is Indonesia ready for halal certification obligation?