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The key is to remain flexible but fixed on the objective. I recommended that he join the charity committee to widen his exposure to strategic and operational management activities. In this hands-on workshop, participants develop a budget based on projected future income, create resumes, plan their retirement roles and activities, and develop a blue print of their future.

Professional Development vs.

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Improving the areas you identify may mean going on a course or workshop, or you may find that mentoring, guided reading, work-shadowing, or online study is more relevant.

To do this, Boyer suggests answering the following questions: What specific skills will I need to acquire to reach my goals, and how will I acquire and develop them?

Whether we like it or not, employees are constantly being judged on their capabilities and benchmarked against their peers. Share via Email Keeping up-to-date with professional development can support you in an unstable jobs market.

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SkillsYouNeed contains a numerous pages that may be helpful in career management, across personal skills, interpersonal skills, and learning skills. Then work out how to use these effectively to provide enhanced career satisfaction and wellbeing.

Particular jobs may also need particular skills. Do you see the bigger picture so you can predict what tasks you could be doing next? If you are not certain where to start with your career development, this type of skill is probably a good option, as it will stand you in good stead whatever you choose to do.

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Career Management Skills and how they can help you