Chemical formula writing and naming worksheet

To demonstrate steps 1 and 2a, HCl is named hydrogen chloride because hydrogen is to the left of chlorine in the periodic tableand PCl5 is phosphorus pentachloride.

writing formulas for ionic compounds worksheet

Any other compound that does not have both C and H is an inorganic compound. Therefore, it is very important that you be able to recognize the difference in order to name the compound correctly.

chemical names and formulas worksheet answer key

Identify the number of each type of atom present. The overall charge on the cations must balance the overall charge on the anions in the formula unit. Alternatively, those new to chemistry that enjoy a more technical, problem-solving approach to learning science have had extremely positive experiences with this class.

There is a key distinction between the naming system for ionic compounds and that for molecular compounds; viz. The charge on oxygen is The subscripts cannot be reduced further, so the empirical formula is Ca ClO 2. Potassium cyanide is highly toxic, and at one time it was used as rat poison.

The second element is named as if it were a monatomic anion in an ionic compound even though it is notwith the suffix -ide attached to the root of the element name.

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Compounds, Naming, Reaction Equations, and Formula Weights (Worksheet)