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Inthey were appointed Kings of Moomba.

Famous circus clowns

Oakley had fallen for Viola Stoll, a young vaudeville actress, and remained infatuated even after she was arrested and incarcerated for stealing his late wife's jewelry. Fox George Lafayette Fox was America's first great whiteface clown. He has the highest status in the clown hierarchy. In , he became the director of the Moscow Circus. There exists a bronze monument of him in front of the circus. Circus clown lingo Basket animal A costume made with a basket in the middle, looking as if the performer were riding a horse or other animal. The band reserved this Sousa march as a signal that an emergency had come up calling for the clowns to come running out from the Alley directing public attention away from the emergency or for the audience to be evacuated. Walkarounds A clown feature in which they stroll the hippodrome track performing very brief visual gags that can be easily picked up, moved and performed again for another section of the audience Notable clowns Joseph Grimaldi Joseph Grimaldi was one of the greatest English pantomime clowns.

In modern times, when whitefaces perform with other clowns, they usually function as the straight man, "top banana" or the leader of the group. He committed suicidedying by gas asphyxiationon March 8, in his room in New York City.

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The Tramp is the same but without positive attitude and always sad. Fox's mute passivity set him apart from the raucous clamor surrounding him, and audiences took the little man to their hearts. John Durang was the first "American-born" circus clown.

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While Dan Rice's talking and singing clown was taking America by storm, a new type of clown was emerging on the British pantomime stage, one that would have a more lasting influence on contemporary American circus clowning.

The first known clowns date from the time of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around BC. Antonio Melo a.

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When he tried to have her paroled from Bedford Reformatory by proposing marriage, she rejected him. His featured gag was a one-man baseball game in which he played all the positions of both teams. Since , he has been performing solo. Fox eventually gave 1, performances in the title role, becoming the most highly paid actor of his time. In , he became the director of the Moscow Circus. Matthew Sully was the first circus clown in the United States. Suspenders hold the costume around the performer's waist. Jean Baptiste Casmiere Breschard, Circus of Pepin and Breschard , reintroduced the circus clown to America in after a number of years in which no circuses are documented as performing in the United States. George Carl He was a true "vaudevillian" style comic and clown. Quail Dobbs He was a famous rodeo clown and performer. Some sources say it only refers to an acrobatic clown, others say it is a non-circus term and was never used by professionals. Some of famous clowns from the history are still remembered: Joseph Grimaldi was an English artist who practically invented the modern clown. He was then regarded as not only a multi-talented performer, but a smart and noble man who was to be looked up to. The set-up is written on the front and the suitcase is opened to reveal the punchline. In , they were appointed Kings of Moomba.
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Where do the clowns go when the circus folds?