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differences between online and traditional classes

However, online courses need discipline, good time management skills and commitment to study unlike face to face courses where there is always pressure from instructors to learn.

Different types of social classes have different upbringings and their norms and values differ from the rest. Despite sharing some superficial similarities, the differences between a traditional class and an online class are remarkable. On the contrary, an online learner can work from home or anywhere despite the weather.

Goodladas cited by Relan and Gillanidepicts scenario for traditional class instruction: Not "how" but "what' to learn dominated consistently.

online classes vs traditional classes thesis statement

All materials of studies are basically available in online classes and other external websites. There are high chances of this is that in online classes and online courses support teams, are not the team of teachers, but they are trained sales and customer support people.

compare and contrast online learning vs traditional classroom learning essay

There is just 1 answer. You can also ask classmates for help if the teacher is busy. For instance, for distance learners of online courses of University of Delaware could take tests through ProctorU.

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Online Classes vs Traditional Classes Essay examples