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Whatever you choose, you can't really go wrong.

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The focus of this prompt allows you to discuss the relationship between true empathy and intellectual thought. What feeds the world? Perhaps you share an unique bond with your grandmother, who was your primary caretaker while you were growing up. And yet, there are those who love it! Offensive language or insults will undoubtedly hurt your chances of admission. The key is to show the reader that you did something about the challenge you encountered. Will you be that student skateboarding down the sidewalk on your way to the Hopkins Center? Louise Erdrich essay prompt: This lovely quote might make you want to examine an important relationship in greater detail. What was at stake? Then discuss how that influences your sense of identity and perspective about the world.

John Dickey essay prompt: This "current events" prompt should definitely appeal to those interested in social justice, history, and politics.

The emphasis on campus life is clear, so focus on what you would do at Dartmouth.

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Use one of these translations to introduce yourself. Your essay responses should express your individual story and reflect your personality. Look at this as an opportunity for you to make a convincing statement about why Dartmouth is the ideal school for you to achieve your goals and how you can enrich the campus community.

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Think about the ideas or values that inspire you and the ways in which you express your imagination. What feeds the world?

Share something fundamental about yourself your family or your intimate community.

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Top 2 Dartmouth Admissions Essays