Does twitter have a business plan

If you like a tweet and want your follows to see it, you retweet it.

how does twitter make money

So be selective about whom you follow, especially at first. Handle problems through direct messages. If you use Hootsuite, you can easily set up streams to listen to your competitors right from your dashboard.

Learn from their cautionary tales and put a plan in place for crisis communications —and then hope you never need to use it. Trending topics: You can see current trending topics on your Twitter home page in the trends box on the left-hand side.

You can push out content related to your product, discount offers and much more. A tweet with a photo allows your followers to view the photo within their tweet timeline.

Why use twitter for business

In , they opened the tool to everyone on mobile, and marketers have been using it to round up recipes, collaborate with influencers, and even create fan recaps for TV series. Make your brand a little more human? Want to learn more about your customers? It's currently ranked No. You can share your photograph from your desktop on Twitter. The host will tweet out the questions, often with "Q1" or "Q2" numbers vary depending on how many questions you're asking preceding the questions, and other participants will respond with "A1" or A2" and their thoughts. Manage who you follow and unfollow to add valuable new information to your Twitter feed—and remove inactive and spammy followers. Integrate Twitter with overall social strategy Teams working in large or growing organizations can find themselves working in silos. Followers: Twitter users who follow you and see your tweets in their timeline. Home timeline: Your timeline displays the tweets and retweets of the people you follow as well as promoted tweets. Because of the volume of the data, companies can learn about their users in a detailed manner, something that a normal user would not be able to. An example of a Twitter widget using Twitter lists explained in this article added to a company website. For more information on Twitter Amplify, go here.

You can make a widget out of your own timeline of tweets, the tweets you favorited or lists you've created. Recently, Twitter launched a new video service called Vine that allows you to take short, 6-second videos from the Vine app and play them on an endless loop inside Twitter.

You can also create graphics to add to your tweets. Get verified When people see that you are verified by Twitter, they know that they can trust your content—and your brand.

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