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Workman Scholarly Publishing 11 July : Finds that "the MLA online database allowed the retrieval of a substantial number of relevant citations not accessible otherwise" but expresses some misgivings about inconsistencies in both print and electronic indexes.

Notes the advantages of the SilverPlatter product over Wilsonline and the printed bibliography. Recommends that both be used for any subject search in the humanities. Each bibliography checked included unique citations.

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Stone, Sue. ERIC, New York, March , Komorowski, Manfred. Smith, G. Uchitelle, Daniel. Morton, Herbert C. Compares eleven non-music databases on Dialog for coverage of topics related to the study of music and states the value of searching outside Music Index and RILM for finding pertinent information. While the MLA Bibliography is the most timely and comprehensive literary index available, its usefulness is hampered by limited access to individual works. Everett, D. Meserole, Harrison T. The difficulties caused by MLAIB's indexing changes are noted along with techniques for getting relevant hits. An annotated bibliography of "authors' or contributors' guides to periodicals publishing unsolicited manuscripts" in a wide range of disciplines.

Brockman's essay assesses two alternative ways of searching the bibliographic universe to English literature. Shoff, Harry L. Removed Adam Matthew resources In literature, a foil is a character containing characteristics that oppose another character, the protagonist. Compares the cataloging of recent periodical articles on English, German and Romance languages and literature in eight bibliographies including the MLAIB.

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Concludes that the MLA Bibliography "should serve as the core of any folklore-related search," but that other data bases should be utilized as well. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

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Essay & General Literature Index Retrospective