Feminism in cendrella

feminism in cinderella 1950

These princesses are making their dreams come true. Are Disney Princesses a Good Thing? If she did, it would have probably had more to do with ridicule than admiration of her good looks.

What an anti-feminist character!

Cinderella criticism

She survived it and went on to find love later in life. Women are always expected to be understanding, but a lot of the time do not get the same understanding and respect in return. Victims of domestic abuse face a higher risk of mental health effects such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD , addiction, and suicidal behaviors. The way her story is told through modern adaptations shows the evolution of both the story and evolving ideas about feminism and representation. The stories were made to promote these norms and teach these approved behavioural practices to young children. According to a recent TIME magazine article, interacting with Disney princess media, toys and the entire culture may actually lead to more stereotypical gendered behaviour in girls, and may even lead to lower self-esteem and body image issues 5. The animated tale is far less nuanced than later adaptations, but nonetheless, it depicts her as someone who finds strength in her own kindness and resolve. Cinderella gets a lot flack of this general nature. She chooses forgiveness. The characters of these men has affected the course and decisions of the other characters in the story. Ella is unhappy and stuck in an unfortunate position without any kind of male figure to look after her. Looks are what matters, and even the prince is no exception. In conclusion, the story of Cinderella balance the different characters of women. Since the original Cinderella movie came out in , times have changed. These princesses are making their dreams come true.

This new iteration takes the character of Cinderella and shines a light on her goodness, with some additional motivation.

Simply because Cinderella has help getting to the ball—whether it be a fairy godmother and some mice, or Leonardo da Vinci—it does not take away her own agency in wanting a better life for herself, nor should anyone begrudge an abused woman the acceptance of kindness.

Instead, it allows Cinderella to call upon her strength and find the courage to forgive someone who mistreated her so terribly, thus choosing peace for herself as she ends a very dark chapter in her life.

She never snaps or outright acts meanly towards anyone around her. Repeated abuse warps you on the inside.

sexism in cinderella

She is a feminist role model in her own right, too. The scene in the story where Cinderella got lost track of time embodies how women can be so emotionally weak and lose control of their actions.

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All of the other strangers and extras at the ball are no different. It is a story about the control and power of the patriarchy. But it hardly ends there. In every story, as long as the girl follows what is set out as good behaviour, she gets the reward of marriage — and being swept into wealth and status with a person who is practically a stranger. When asked who my favorite princess is, however, my answer usually surprises people. One of the many things that frustrated me the most about the story is how it tries so hard to evoke a sense of identification with young children. Repeated abuse warps you on the inside. He is immediately struck by her kindness in offering him a drink of water, as well as defending Crazy Marie. On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that there are women in the society that may sometimes seems unseen and mediocre but greatly impacts the lives of others. Cinderella is criticized for not getting herself out of her position, but many women in abusive situations and relationships find it difficult to leave. However, being a kind and gracious young lady is established at the end of the tale as being the moral of the story: even more valuable than just being beautiful, even though that point it pushed quite a few times throughout the tale. These princesses are making their dreams come true.

She is able to overcome her challenges because of her emotional strength. Or has the message been changed completely? She had no intention of going to find a man, in fact it was the prince who sought her out.

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Fairytales and Feminism: “I Don’t Wanna be Like Cinderella”