Ghost story writing activity

Conflict: The conflict in a ghost story is usually the issue that makes the human return in ghost form e. Discuss cultural connections between the voices of spirit and family ancestors in epics and the voices of ghosts in ghost stories.

Focus on the following questions: What makes a ghost story entertaining? Today, how about some horror writing prompts? This website is great because it lists at least 37 scary storybooks and gives summaries and reviews. Setting: Students may have more than one setting to think about, the present time period that the ghost haunts and the past time period when the ghost was a living person e.

What is that nightmare?

write your own ghost story

As you introduce the Literary Elements Map activity, provide the following tips: Character: Think about the ghost as the main character e. Use the checklist to guide feedback on these final drafts. Use the Wikipedia Epic poetry entry and the List of world folk-epics to broaden discussion to include other European, African, American, and Asian stories.

Ballads in America perpetuate the stories of various calamities like "The Wreck of the Old 97" and figures like Jesse James.

Ghost story writing activity

On October 31, at the stroke of midnight, it suddenly starts running backward. Encourage students to discuss cultural differences in ghost stories that they know. One thing I guarantee: they will bring out your dark side. Ask each person to read his or her story. Put the students in a circle, like around a campfire. What are ways to connect to the history of a place or people that make work well in a ghost story? For homework, ask students to use their prewriting from the Literary Elements Map to write out their story. Remind students of the checklist of qualities used in the previous session. I knew I was in for a day of scary sights… We took a field trip to a local museum, but my friends and I got left behind. The doll Source Expand the list of analytical questions based on student discussion. All stories will be assessed using the rubric given to the students earlier. Each in the small group should give a positive comment about the story and one comment to help improve the story. Reinforce the vocabulary of the literary elements highlighted in the tool by reminding students of the definitions and providing examples from readings that students are familiar with.

The gargoyles 8.

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Horror Writing Prompts