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New replies are no longer allowed. Each new paragraph begins on the 2nd square. Ellipses and dashes use two squares. Conex has distinguished itself by a track record of important and complex projects for prestigious clients.

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Then learn the vocabulary too, and you learn more new kanji!! It is equipped with highly experienced engineers.

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First sentence of the essay begins on the 3rd column, in the 2nd square. For me, and maybe with others, one of the prime reasons of learning kanji is the beauty of Japanese calligraphy.

Looking for new interesting vocab while studying one particular kanji is also fun. These are also available in different weights and sizes. We have large number of skilled workforce including qualified Managers, Engineers and Technicians working in various locations for civil projects.

If my writing was correct, but my said word is wrong, i change the correct answer to a wrong answer by klicking the little x in the left of the answer bar. Write one kanji 10 times and see how you improve, or choose the best and the worst one you wrote and improve based on that.

Introduction Since its foundation in in Lebanon, as a General Contracting firm dealing with designinterior design, civil work, electromechanical work, service and Finishing solutions. In Japanese, each paragraph, including the first one, is usually indented by a square.

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