How do i write a check to uscis status

The following information should help you fill out the form.

uscis fees

If your mailing address is in a U. Items 2.

Immigration fees for green card through marriage

Item Numbers 6, 7, and 8. Postal Service. Place of Initial Entry into the United States. If you have two last names, include both and use a hyphen - between the names, if appropriate. An Alien Registration Number, otherwise known as an "A-Number," is typically issued to persons who apply for, or are granted, certain immigration benefits. Item Numbers 4. Do not enter your height in meters or centimeters. In the spaces provided, list the country that issued your last passport, that passport number, and the expiration date on that passport. American Indian or Alaska Native. There are fee exemptions available only in limited circumstances. Please see our News page for updates. Item Number 3. Example: Jan.

ICE, U. Provide the name of the country where you currently reside as well as the name of the country where you are currently a citizen or national. Enter your weight in pounds. Information about you For Initial and Renewal Requests.

For example, if you are five feet and nine inches, select "5"for feet and "09"for inches. Indicate if you were a member of the U.

I 130 fee 2018

If you need additional space, use Part 8. Item Numbers We do not accept all forms of payment abroad. Armed Forces. Small mistakes in preparing your request could lead to it being rejected. Part 6. Once you are ready to submit your form, the system will automatically direct you to the secure Department of Treasury site, pay. If you are filing an Initial request, list all your addresses where you resided in the United States starting with your present address, then your previous address, and, to the best of your knowledge, all the way back to your first address since your initial entry into the United States. You must have been under the 31 as of June 15, , to be considered for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Item Number 3. We will use the account information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer from your checking account for the amount of the check. You must answer all questions in this section. Provide your 9-digit U.

Select the box that best describes the color of your hair. If someone helps you fill out the forms, that person must also sign both Form ID and Form I in the designated box below your signature. If you used an interpreter to read the instructions to you and record your responses to each question on this form, he or she must verify the accuracy of the information recorded on your form.

There are fee exemptions available only in limited circumstances.

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Filing Tips for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals