How hp compaq merger led to failure

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How hp compaq merger led to failure

People will say, 'OK, guys, that didn't work. You May Like. Most of all, combining the two computer services businesses created a more solid operation than existed at either place before. In this business, V. In addition, both companies in the past have struggled to resolve conflicts between direct and indirect sales channels. Absolutely, beyond doubt, to my grave, I believe we have done a great job in this business in lifting it to where we have. In these included a thudding earnings miss for HP in its third fiscal quarter and a rousing bounceback in the fourth. HP has always issued lots of options. Three problems, all in the enterprise business, underlay this profit jolt. What's next? After all, IBM was the biggest computer maker in the world.

Those critics think she might speed from HP also, perhaps by riding the rumors into some kind of Republican post. George W. On the other side, Fiorina and her staff appear to believe that the HP Way is an anachronism of a different, slower time; and that, for the company to survive and succeed in the future, it must be driven purely by a rational business strategy--not some metaphysical mumbo jumbo left over from the good old days.

And because of this rigorous pre-clearance integration planning, many issues and problems that typically hinder the effectiveness of large acquisitions were resolved much more easily than most skeptics had expected.

hp compaq merger analysis

Just take a look at the company's new two-page ad. It was crazy, he said, to in effect sell part of the printer business just so HP could move more deeply into the achingly competitive, heavily commoditized computer world.

Over an 8 month period ending in Maythe merger passed shareholder and regulatory approval with the end result being one company. HP and Compaq have likely been privy to key details of each other's business.

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Hp compaq a failure or success