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But either way, this is the important part: try and remember those lyrics. And of course, you get to learn Spanish while you dance along we cannot guarantee learning and dancing will occur at the same time.

Since this song has plenty of vocabulary, you might want to introduce new vocab a week before listening to the song. You can focus on vocabulary and just adapt the activity to the age of your students.

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This beautiful Argentinian folk song evokes images of an old river, cold winds, and the coming of winter yes, winters are cold and snowy in Argentina! Methods to learn Spanish through songs —Listening to songs and reading their lyrics helps to improve the grammar, the vocabulary and orthography.

When you were a preschooler, would you have memorized the alphabet as quickly as you did if you had only heard it as spoken dictation rather than as a song? For instance, the students read the lyrics of a song, listen to it and, after, they discuss it or write a new version.

I've also had students travel to Latin America or eat a Latin restaurant and report back how excited they were to recognize songs on the radio.

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Tips for Writing a Spanish Pop Song