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Food - later. Was it an insect? Your image needs to be likened to that of a wider audience rather than simply something that may make somewhat sense to you. Read and compare both.

I was shaking like a tambourine, yet a wide grin rested on my face, like my comrades. Use imaginative vocabulary.

Try to find a better way to illustrate the highlighted phrase, and try to do the same with phrases with your writing. The piece only has simple sentences.

So, patient Nardvark fan, that finally brings us to your original question: "Describe a group of people at work. Imagery comes in many forms: as well as describing what you see visual imageryyou should also describe what you hear aural imagerysmell olfactory imageryfeel tactile imageryand taste gustatory imagery.

Use adjectives, figurative language, and imaginative vocabulary in your description. Useful resources Below are some useful links to help you improve your descriptive writing.

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The analysis explains what the examiners are looking for when they mark it. The sun was shining and it was very hot. Behind the giant network of tracks lay a small wooden puppet that sat on its own in a dim, dark corner of the room that received nearly no light at all. The remaining tufts of hair on his nearly bald hair had grown grey, his body still covered in dust, his arms were still stiff and rigid, bound by the cobwebs that were strung on him during his years of disuse. Either time or distance can be used as the structure for a descriptive composition. A man held the sides of a filthy tall trash can, retching, his face dunked in, his whole body wriggling like a caterpillar. At the beach I went to the beach. The children screamed as they pitched headfirst into the water that momentarily chilled them to the bone. This should be at a distance so that interest is aroused as to what will be revealed on closer inspection, e. The bear was dressed a tight fitting blue button-down shirt, accompanied by khaki pants and tiny yellow wellington boots— clothes that were once selected with love and care and pride, and told of a better time, when bears were still hugged, when puppets were still danced around with, and when toys still received the affection and love they deserved. I could hear the quiet rumbling of the engine, which seemed to have a quiet yet determined voice of its own, sometimes giving off bursts of high-pitched squeals and sometimes resorting to a low, husky rumble. Its large fluffy arms hung limply by its rounded belly. It was life-sized. Wednesday, 23 November Descriptive Writing The purpose of descriptive writing is not to tell a story, but to describe a place, or event detail, so that readers can imagine themselves there.

And I, like a fluffy rabbit, hid my face and scuttled quickly away from the scowls of the predators. It could talk, but sometimes its voice would splutter into no more than a mechanical, scratchy buzzing noise, as if it had come straight out of a tape recorder or faulty radio.

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I moved along the rows and rows of broken toys, stacked carelessly on top of each other, all fighting to see the light of day.

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English Descriptive Writing (IGCSE past paper)