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Decreased Potential for Errors Automating payroll helps mitigate the potential for human error. Moreover, the combined process of handling new joiner, leaver and the employee Automatic Enrolment opt in and opt out process in the payroll system are much more accurate, less laborious and less prone to error as compared to the individual process.

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The system is developed on a web-based platform so that any user who is familiar with browsing the internet can be easily trained to work with the system. A software vendor may combine the two processes in one and charge the user only for one, or it can spilt the process in two and charge a user twice or more.

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Systems may also automatically take new compliance needs into consideration and generate reports or alter controls as needed. As well as keeping all your HR information in one place, it will also help you keep up-to-date and compliant with employee legislation.

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Business Decision: To program a payroll software to execute both payroll and Auto Enrolment function simultaneously with one click is not a complicated task. The self-service features make it easy for the employees to interact with the system via web or mobile.

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