Little albert experiment

Douglas died when he was six years old. Then, little Albert was shown the rat without the steel bar being stuck.

This process is known as generalization.

how could the little albert experiment be improved

Inthe Nuremberg medical code was developed in response to Nazi scientists, who had run a slew of horrifying experiments on gypsies, Jews, and other prisoners, deliberately infecting them with diseases, forcing them to drink sea water, and experimenting with bone grafting. Apparently, the infant associated the white rat with the noise.

However, even after a full month it was still evident, and the association could be renewed by repeating the original procedure a few times. While it is logical to be frightened of a predator with the power to kill you, being afraid of a spider, a mouse or even cats and most dogs is not.

Little albert experiment

Upon seeing the rat, Albert got very distressed, crying and crawling away. Breaking complicated behaviors down to small parts means that they can be scientifically tested.

little albert experiment hypothesis

After, he was shown a dog to see if generalization was still occurring; he did not cry, but tried to avoid the creature because of fear. What did Watson do to Little Albert? Did it also apply to humans?

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The Little Albert Experiment