Making english more interesting

Invite students to your home for workshops or end-of-course celebrations.

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If you only want to be able to communicate during your trips, no need to waste time learning how to write! Well in advance of teaching, teachers collaborate and share their ideas for planning through a mind mapping process.

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Be goofy; show you care. Janelle Cox has an M. Encourage them to describe the picture.

How to make teaching interesting and effective

Before you know it, Batman bought pink underwear at Taco Bell—and hilarity ensues! Taking the lead from our drama specialist, all teaching staff use a range of techniques to promote the exploration of characters, situations and historical events. Let students grade you on projects or presentations. Give Your Students Choices One strategy that teachers have found to be effective is offering their students the ability to make their own choices when it comes to learning. Amongst teenagers this can be particularly effective, whether the class is divided into two or more groups. Try to be understanding, and even express interest in other courses students are taking. Using the language they already know, the students will be able to come up with new words and phrases. Students might find it amusing with the kind of words and sentences that one comes up with in the end. Try to incorporate a sense of surprise and mystery into your lessons. We want to encourage our children to discover new texts, genres and authors, so our reading areas are inviting, well resourced and highly organised.

Perhaps give them a topic and, in groups, let your students think up all kinds of situations for particular characters. Rigorous teaching of spelling and phonics In the infants, phonics is streamed, so all children can benefit from tailored teaching, making maximum progress as a result.

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Refuse to Be a Boring Teacher: 15 Ways to Have More Fun