Marriage as a rite of passage essay

Why are rites of passage important

Finally, in the post-liminal phase, the Kelantanese women are able to gain higher social status and are eligible to participate in village affairs by going through the symbolic nature of marital status, age and childbirth. Better or more difficult. A rite of passage is symbolic in how important a change is in the lives of the people who experience them. In June , they were blessed with the greatest gift of all, a baby Water is intimately associated with fertility in Africa. Rites of passage are relevant in every day life all over the world. Yet, with the introduction of colonialism the characters must learn to embrace and adapt to a new culture and set of beliefs or face termination from society.

The Hutu and Edo children are named on the seventh day after their birth. The community is responsible for naming the newborn because the name the newborn belongs to the whole community.

3 stages of rites of passage marriage

It has drastically changed the essence of what marriage used to be in the past decades. African traditions contain a custom of removing a dead body through a hole in the wall of a house, and not through the door because it makes it difficult for the dead to remember the way back to the living.

The sociological concepts of status, role behaviour, and marriage as an institution all contribute to the transition of single hood to marriage by rituals that associate with this rite of passage.

marriage rites of passage in africa

Throughout their fifty plus years of marriage, they did everything together. Although China, Japan, and Africa commonly celebrate symbolic rituals, the ceremonies are based on their own set of beliefs and cultural traditions, and the ceremonies differ from each other.

Celebrations of these events are marked with everything from great jubilee to subdued acknowledgement of the journey.

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Funeral rituals provide a mechanism for dealing with and disposing of the body of the decreased and provide a setting in which the survivor can be encouraged to adjust themselves to the absence of their lost loved one.

In China, marriages are for keeping the ancestral line and creating alliances between families. Marriages in Africa are strongly dictated by religious influences. The immediate family first keeps a night vigil, or wake, over the deceased on the day of death and generally holds the funeral the following day.

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Marriage as a Rite of Passage essays