Mesopotamia writing alphabet

Naturally, the "real" reading, if it is clear, will be presented in small letters in the transliteration: IGI. The inexperienced Talbot had made a number of mistakes, and Oppert's translation contained a few doubtful passages which the jury politely ascribed to his unfamiliarity with the English language.

The reeds made triangular marks in the clay, so cuneiform is collections of these little triangular marks in the clay. When George Smith deciphered cuneiform he dramatically changed the way human beings would understand their history.

The alphabet has only a few signs, which are combined in different ways to make different sounds, and so it is much easier to learn to read and write than in cuneiform or hieroglyphs. Learn More. Over time, however, the writing of the Sumerians further developed to include sounds and meanings.

The actual techniques used to decipher the Akkadian language have never been fully published; Hincks described how he sought the proper names already legible in the deciphered Persian while Rawlinson never said anything at all, leading some to speculate that he was secretly copying Hincks.

mesopotamia alphabet

But not long after that people began to write poems and stories. Thus, e. ByHincks and Rawlinson could read Babylonian signs. Thus, capital letters can be used to indicate a so-called Diri compound — a sign sequence that has, in combination, a reading different from the sum of the individual constituent signs for example, the compound IGI.

Literature While most of the tablets discovered have been government and financial records, some of the writings are literature. The very model of many of the narratives of the Bible, including the gospels, could now be read in light of the discovery of Mesopotamian Naru Literature which took a figure from history and embellished upon his achievements in order to relay an important moral and cultural message.

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