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The next T-R-H are pseudo in-sample forecasts while the final H are out-of-sample. Before starting MATLAB you are strongly advised to amend the options in Windows explorer so that full file names including any file extensions allocated to programs appear in Windows Explorer and any other Windows file access menus.

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For example, See doc 33 3. R - Length of sample used in estimation. If a constant is included, it is the first 15 2. Ordered from smallest to largest. Pratap is a good general getting started book. VCV - Variance covariance matrix of the estimated parameters.

If a vector, must be a column vector.

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Using MATLAB for econometrics may appear to involve a lot of extra work but many students have found that it helps their understanding of both matrix theory and econometrics.

Also autocorrelation robust if NW selected appropriately.

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To access elements of a structure, enter diagnostics. If 1 the X data are augmented by a columns of 1s before the regression coefficients are estimated. They both have a good records, and known as one of the most outstanding student in their time. For advanced applications in applied probability Paolella , are comprehensive accounts of computational aspects of probability theory using MATLAB. Bibliography: Baxter, M. Q: Column vector containing indices for the MA component in the model X: T by k matrix of exogenous regressors. Used to compute confidence intervals. The remaining sections contain some more advanced material and should be read as required. Should be aligned with Y so that the i th row of X is known when the observation in the i th row of Y is observed. Before you use MATLAB to implement procedures from your textbook you must understand the matrix manipulations that are involved in the procedure. These line up exactly with the Y s and if they are time series, you need to shift them down by 1 place, i. For economics you need only a small proportion of these commands.
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MFE MATLAB Function Reference Financial Econometrics. Kevin Sheppard