M.tech mechanical project thesis

Design optimization of the cc engine valve by Ti MMC.

mtech projects for mechanical engineering in hyderabad

Optimizing an intercooled compressor for an ideal gas model Analysis of spindle due to torque and thrust during drilling Mechanical analysis of dies used in closed die forging to reduce defects Increasing surface finish quality by varying milling parameters for Die steel.

Design validation and buckling analysis of the MAG wheel for straight and slant spokes Structural Analysis of milling bed due to cutting forces Impact test on motorcycle helmet for different angles of impact using FEA Improving the heat transfer rate of AC evaporator by optimizing material Assembly analysis of a single plate clutch Design and material optimization of two wheeler rocker arm Baviskar T.

M.tech thesis in mechanical engineering pdf

Natural convective heat transfer from a narrow vertical flat plate with a uniform surface heat flux and with different plate edge conditions Strengthening car bumper in load bearing direction by using material Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer IM7 Fatigue analysis of a roller bearing used in two wheeler wheel Naidu Narasimha Rao, Development of an expert system for design of manufacturability of welded components, MTech Design of mech equipment thesis, department of mechanical engineering, Developments of a hot forging die life prediction model. Design validation of cc oil cooled engine cylinder head Analytical investigation of rake contact and friction behavior in different metal cutting. Gavhane S. Analysis of column used in drilling machines subjected to axial forces Optimization of welding parameters for MIG welding Blow mould tool design and Manufacturing process for 1ltr pet bottle. CFD prediction to optimize front end cooling module of a passenger vehicle Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when turning austenised and quenched bearing steel with ceramics and HSS M30

Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in milling of EN 26 and H.

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MTech Mechanical Projects