Overall operations analysis of a garments

Why choose i. The tremendous success of readymade garments exports from Bangladesh over the last two decades has surpassed the most optimistic expectations.

garment making

Automated model photography. Key features: separate modules that can be customized to feet the needs. This report is being prepared after data evaluation and analysis. It helps you prepare data-driven decisions even during the pre-positioning phase where designers are still planning patterns and colors for the product.

The group itself was founded on although the readymade garments division of Azim Group started at Drag-and-drop technology makes scheduling faster and easier with synchronization of updates. It is aimed at companies that provide screen printing, embroidery, decorated apparel, and promotional products.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer, look for the solution that can assist with inventory management, forecasting, and planning as well as make-to-stock workflow management.

The goal of this report would be to shed light upon the operations management of the company called G. Comprehensive inventory.

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Overall Operations Analysis Of A Garments Factory In Bangladesh