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Environmental factors and parental influences[ edit ] The first major exposure to gender roles typically comes from a child's parents.

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Young children will indeed see stereotypical sex-role models of the feminine and masculine in the media that is geared towards them, but they will also see social skills being affirmed for both sexes. New York: Praeger. While society as a whole is responsible for carrying out such socialization, many researchers believe that the strongest influence on gender role development seems to occur within the family setting, with parents passing on, both overtly and covertly, their own beliefs about gender Witt 1.

Psychology of Women Quarterly, 11, Accessed September 6, New York: Penguin, On most of T.

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In general, children without younger sibling were more likely to show interest, which may be related to the novelty of an infant. These gender differences can range from preferring certain colors over others, playing with certain toys, and anything that could potentially be labeled as male or female sports, games, careers, etc.

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Various pieces of literature provide examples of this cycle, demonstrating the power of parents in early gender socialization and the potential they have in altering the traditional views of gender roles for their children. Working and watching: Maternal employment in parents' perceptions of their three-year-old children.

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