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There are four generally recognized parenting styles and are categorized: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative. Most parents don't realize how their parenting methods affect their child's development.

Curfews, chores and attention might sound familiar to some, and to others not so much. This is dangerous, and may not have a good result. Many theories of parenting style have been developed over the years.

When a child comes into someone's life, parenting is usually a necessity when it comes to nurturing a beautiful, and a healthy child. They are grouped into three different categories; authoritarian, authoritative, and overly permissive.

There can be four types of parenting combinations, authoritative, authoritarian, permissive. However there is extensive research linking healthy child development to effective parenting. They express the parent is in control, but the parent also respect their child with explaining parental actions in a positive way.

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Baumrind defined those styles as the authoritarian style, the authoritative style, the permissive style, the uninvolved style of parenting. She originally stated that there are four types of parenting styles; authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglectful. The reality is that good parenting does not require classical music, but instead time and effort. There are four different types of parenting styles. This paper will examine the different type of parenting styles as it relates to ethnicity and various cultures. So it is clear that since people are different from one another that their parenting styles will be different. There are four basic types of parenting styles that are seen in everyday life A lot of responsibilities, sacrifices, and hard work are attached to parenting. These parents usually never see the pattern when their children take in all of the discipline as a way of acting in daily life. There are many different approaches one can take in parenting. The most important thing in life is being a good parent and teaching children the appropriate way to act.

As a parent, one may want to find a parenting style that is nurturing but also disciplinary. Authoritative parenting can be compared to democratic and encouraging.

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