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The better candidates must expect harder questions. And very Singaporean.

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Eventually, some applicants were picked for the interview. The whole interview lasted for about minutes, walked out of the room thinking that things weren't looking so good, but miracle happened when the scholarship offer turned up in my mailbox days later. Before the PSC interview, every applicant sat for psychometric tests and was interviewed by trained psychologists. But the PSC must share responsibility if we miss a fatal character flaw or are misled by false pretences. If you really became an architect under the HDB, what would be the first thing that you will do? Perhaps the Internet has produced a generation of young people more interested in bite-size news than deeper analysis found in books and magazines? This next selection session lasted for around four hours, and basically I thought it to be a rather fun and insightful session, because we got to know more about ourselves and others in general but do keep in mind that there were a panel of HR personnels from the different subsidiaries seated at the back of the room observing us while we interacted, so although it's not an interview it is still a selection procedure?

I got to know afterwards that the JC group of applicants actually had their interview one week before us, and theirs weren't a group interview i. But uncertainty also means freedom. The psychologists will then probe to find out what kind of a leader the candidate is.

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I wanted to be a writer for years, before deciding to be a lawyer when I was They want the best of both worlds - the PAP to run an efficient and effective government and the opposition holding seats short of one-third of the total seats in Parliament.

So, I embrace the autonomy I now have, and boldly, foolishly move forward with faith.

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Plus, we could create a video showcasing our talents and upload it. Value the promise of uncertainty over the comforts of the predetermined. The interview was the kind which you'd feel that you are almost chatting with the professors supposed to have three profs, but one went out during my turn , and the questions posted are all those that relate to your specific experiences. But because candidates will vary in everything else, the PSC will have to exercise judgment in making trade-offs. The exhibitions on our founding fathers and a rather belated attempt to revise the way history is taught in our schools will go some way to fill the gaps. We should not read too much into them as predictors of how the young vote today or in the near future. My mind clamored for some sort of meaning behind that. The interview also gives the candidate a final chance to redeem himself if the assessments are off the mark. They asked questions during and after the presentation, and then the whole thing ended. In 15 years, the world would have changed, and Singapore should too. I envision Singaporeans who live to challenge the day, and to always overcome adversities as our forefathers have; to live to increase our diversity even more than it is, and to be a contributing voice to the cacophony of voices present in our island state. My table was a realm of spilling notes, mockingly optimistic highlighters, and the ticking tension of dwindling hours. I had a lot of other dreams that ebbed and flowed over the years.

Our leadership role in the assignment 3. My old friend, Kishore Mahbubani, has been criticising the present generation of public servants for being unimaginative and uncreative, unlike the older generations of public servants. My mind clamored for some sort of meaning behind that.

There were questions relating to my CCA and leadership roles too, if I recall correctly. Although there is no quota or cap, we award some 70 scholarships a year on average. Our young people are not unaware of the values espoused by our founding fathers, particularly Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Cloaked in those other dreams, I had felt insecure and adrift.

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Psc Scholarship Essay Questions