Referent and expert power

Responsibility in this form of power is heavy and one can easily lose oneself in this.

Referent and expert power

In combination with other forms of power, it can be very useful. In other words, the leader may model the behavior they wish to see, but if a different behavior is the cultural norm in the organization then it will be difficult to use referent power to get things done.

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If a fire chief tells people to stay away from a burning building, for example, they'll likely listen. Journal of Applied Psychology, 60, — Six years later, Raven added an extra power base: Informational — This results from a person's ability to control the information that others need to accomplish something. The Bases of Power Let's explore French and Raven's bases of power in two groups — positional and personal. Some examples of reward power positive reward are: a a child is given a dollar for earning better grades; b a student is admitted into an honor society for excellent effort; c a retiree is praised and feted for lengthy service at a retirement party; and d New York firefighters were heralded as heroes for their acts on Billy Graham Positive[ edit ] Referent power in a positive form utilizes the shared personal connection or shared belief between the influencing agent and target with the intention of positively correlated actions of the target. Referent Power Examples From the entertainment world, Laga Gaga is an example of someone with referent power, having 67 million Twitter followers. Perceived job characteristics and job satisfaction: An examination of reciprocal causation.

People always run with the pack and traditionally obey the one person with power which is solely based on their position or title. Journal of Applied Psychology, 72, — A manager has the potential to operate from all five power bases.

Bases of power in organizational behavior

Journal of Business and Psychology, 4 4 , — You build this type of power over time by modeling the behavior you expect to see in others, and by giving employees increased autonomy to do their jobs. New York: McGraw-Hill. An empirical investigation. Hillary Clinton gained political capital by her marriage to the President; c Reverend Pat Robertson lost a bid for the Republican Party's nomination for President due, in significant part, to his religious affiliation; and 4 national firefighters have received vocational acclaim due to the association with the heroic NYC firefighters. The followers that work for him are proud to do so, and share his core value of using technology for the betterment of the world. Limited information parameter estimates for latent or mixed manifest and latent variables models. Some pitfalls can emerge when too heavy a reliance is made on expertise; these include: a sometimes inferences are made suggesting expertise is wider in scope than it actually is; for example, an expert in antique vases may have little expertise in antique lamps; b one's expertise is not everlasting; for example, a physician who fails to keep up with medical technology and advances may lose expertise; and c expertise does not necessarily carry with it common sense or ethical judgement.

Hunt, B. Cary, NC: Author.

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Legitimate Power This form of power gives the ability to link certain feelings of obligation or notion of responsibility to the management. Beverly Hills: Sage. Psychological Bulletin, 80 2— French and Bertram Raven in

Referent power

This type of power, however, can be unpredictable and unstable. See also: Operant conditioning , Reinforcement , and Punishment psychology Reward power is based on the right of some to offer or deny tangible, social, emotional, or spiritual rewards to others for doing what is wanted or expected of them. The measurement of organizational commitment. Post navigation. Google Scholar House, R. Google Scholar Mobley, W. Applied Psychological Measurement, 9, 1— Google Scholar Halpert, J. Limited information parameter estimates for latent or mixed manifest and latent variables models. Their power is often treated with admiration or charm. John Wiley and Sons.
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French and Raven's bases of power