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Throats are sliced open. Positive Elements Despite his numerous failings as a father, Eric loves Daniel and risks his life to save him.

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He ended his reviews saying, "Morally dubious it may be, but this gory melange of torture, terror and darkly humorous depravity appeals to the sick puppy within us all". He ended his review: "Where Saw II lags behind in Saw's novelty, it takes the lead with its smoother landing, which is again primed to blow the movie wide open, but manages a more compelling job of it than the original's cheat finish".

Though I'm sure the girl who played Amanda was thrilled to get her second major acting gig reviving the heroine-addict she so briefly portrayed in the first Saw, I didn't appreciate her reappearance quite so much.

He outsmarts everybody. But none of the players in this game is particularly appealing.

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In SAW II, the repetition is only compounded: Jigsaw is suffering from terminal cancer, which he presumes grants him moral authority: "Those who do not appreciate life do not deserve life.

Around two-dozen other profanities are heard.

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Bring your sense of humor and check your upchuck reflex at the door, especially if you are sensitive about the use of scalpels on eyeballs.

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Review: Saw II