Short essay on value of travelling

Nowadays, people can get information and knowledge about different cultures just using the Internet; however, it is not the same traveling by Internet or hearing from an acquaintance as experiencing by oneself. By travelling we see people, places with our own eyes.

But, it is no longer so in modern time.

travel essay in english

It is can change your approach towards professional and personal lives. Travelling educates us. Travel in the young age people closer. He comes to realize that the view-point of others may also be correct.

Travelling brings us closer to the nature.

Value of travelling essay for class 8

Also, people can visit historical places with majestic monuments. It brings people closer Promotion of cultural, social and national activities are part of liberal education. Who would not like to travel around the world? I could not believe it. If a traveller moves about with keen eyes and the open door of his mind he can get a lot of knowledge about men and things which no book can give. Patience is a great quality for success in life. He is able to have a close look at life, grapple with its varied problems and have a first- hand knowledge of the affairs of the world. Travel takes us to various places and people. We get only the sketchy picture ofwhich is not complete. Social and physical treasure unfolded before our eyes, when we travel. It will be a good reading for the audiences and would encourage them to explore the world during the free time. Write posts on social media about the travel and how did you find the behavior of the natives at different tourist destinations around the world.
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words essay on the educational value of Travelling