Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth with poorer nations by providing essay

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth with poorer nations by providing essay

In short, a combination of technology and trained efficient young professionals can build up the long term economic status of the country. But for a country without any resources or investment, it would be very difficult to improve the economic status without any help from other rich nations. Regardless of all the things makes us different, we all share the same biology. This essay outlines two perspectives from diametrically opposite angles. Beginning with lack of natural resources, poor nations cannot take advantages of fertile soil to cultivate or minerals to exploit. Due to a system error at the time this writing task is submitted, we couldn't find its author. Therefore, the wealthy countries should share their wealth with the poor countries because usually, they earn the money from the poor countries and such action will contribute to the advance of the poor nations The developed countries should share their expenses to the underdeveloped country because usually the earn it by doing the economic trading and oil drilling in those poor countries. And so it becomes an obligation on richer countries to provide the affected areas not only short-term aid like health expertise but also to help with better food and education in order for those countries to handle and control future outbreaks.

In summary, as it is impossible for the governments of poor nations to help the citizens on their own, any supply for short term or long run from the rich would be a very valuable help for them. A lot of people migrate from developing countries to developed countries in search of a better lifestyle.

However, this serious issue is refuted by others.

wealthy nations should assist poorer countries with humanitarian relief during natural disasters

Secondly, the administration of the poorer nation is not so experienced, so they maybe not able to properly utilise these supported things. It may be due to a fear that, if wealthier countries help poorer countries they will get used to being helped and won't develop themselves, but then wealthier nations could help the poor governments with ideas how to improve their people's quality of life.

In conclusion, I believe that it would be less likely to see any improvement in developing nation economy and status without the cooperation of wealthy countries.

Even though developing countries receive financial help poverty is still an issue

Without their help, the government is unable to meet the basic needs of its people. They believe that they had plenty of time to improve their economy. They are unable to design the long term plan because of lack of funds and scarcity of natural resources. Several main reasons will be analyzed in this essay. On the one hand, giving poor countries food, resources or money without getting anything in return, such as goods or services, is bound to remove any motivation for them to develop and to do something to improve their situation. They can send their experts to train people of developing countries. Learn to write these essays based upon your pre-existing knowledge, without the need to make reference to other sources. On the one hand, today, many hold the idea that it is the moral and ethical duty of the wealthier nations to help the developing countries who are confronting the many problems such as war, famine, drought, lack of food and appropriate education system etc. Thus, it is obvious that legal entity is chargeable for taking care of their natives. This concern is one of the top reasons why some are convinced that it is the governments of poorer nations who should be responsible for the well-being of their citizens. Besides, other nations are lucky to have better positions that are not prone to disaster and also rich in natural resources. This reflected in a weak and failed healthcare and education system and a weak international trade policy. This vicious cycle will continue unless rich countries take the responsibility of helping those nations and minimising the huge worldwide economic difference. Firstly, most poor nations are buried into debts as a result of their unbalanced finance and inexperienced or corrupted administrations.

This essay outlines two perspectives from diametrically opposite angles. Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizen themselves?

rich countries help poor countries financially to eliminate poverty
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The developed countries should share their wealth with the poor nations