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Moreover, some subjects in the control condition may have actually lost more than 25 pounds, and some subjects in the exercise condition may have actually lost fewer than 15 pounds.

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Johnston, J. In one version of the design, a baseline is established for each of several participants, and the treatment is then introduced for each one. Tactics of scientific research: Evaluating experimental data in psychology. An A-B-A design also known as a reversal design involves discontinuing the intervention and returning to a nontreatment condition. We might play music while shooting, give encouragement while shooting, or video the person while shooting to see if our intervention influenced the number of shots made. Chicago: Rand-McNally. In addition, even if researchers do have access to a truly random group of subjects, they often attempt to control individual differences as much as possible in an effort to increase internal validity and, consequently, the likelihood that they will observe a statistically significant outcome. Visual inspection of the data suggests an effective treatment in the top panel but an ineffective treatment in the bottom panel. Without examining individual data more closely, however, the researcher might overlook this important information.

To illustrate, consider a series of studies on stereotype threat by Steele and Aronson Impulsivity and cigarette smoking: Delay discounting in current, never, and ex-smokers.

In total, Smith and Ward measured each skill a total of 47 times under the different conditions and found that public posting and goal setting increased the extent to which their subjects performed the different skills correctly.

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Likewise, early learning theorists, including Edward L. If our research team introduced a treatment and subsequently realized that the treatment was, in fact, exacerbating the frequency of SIB, they could modify the treatment on a whim in hopes of reducing the potentially damaging behavior. In contrast, single-subject researchers typically analyze their data using visual analysis. Tactics of scientific research: Evaluating experimental data in psychology. For example, we might measure how many baskets someone makes while shooting for 2 minutes. The filled circles represent median indifference points i. Consider, for instance, a subject who is engaging in severe SIB. The idea is that when the dependent variable has reached a steady state, then any change across conditions will be relatively easy to detect.

Thus, because most large-N designs include, at the very least, an experimental group and a control group, the number of subjects in such a study tends to be relatively large.

Finally, although direct replications focus mostly on the reliability of a set of findings, they may provide tentative information regarding generality if a series of studies occur at different times or use slightly different subjects.

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General Features of Single-Subject Designs Before looking at any specific single-subject research designs, it will be helpful to consider some features that are common to most of them.

Kimble, G.

single system design paper example
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