Sylabus for b e 1st sem csvtu

Csvtu syllabus 2019

Optimization Techniques C. Management Management Management Mechanical Engg. Majumdar, G. Name of Text Books: 1. Davies J. Capacity of the system in kW as a heat pump under the following conditions of operation:i. Gonzalex, C. UNIT II Energy Conservation in Electric Utility and Industry Energy costs and two-part tariff, Energy conservation in utility by improving load factor, Load curve analysis, Energy efficient motors, Energy conservation in illumination systems, Importance of Power factor in energy conservation Power factor improvement methods, Energy conservation in industries, case studies. Air-cooled condenser and air-cooled evaporator. Hingorani, N L. Levin and David S. Corne Editors , 3.

Unit 2 Behaviour of structures in disaster prone areas, Disaster zoning, Hazard assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment Unit 3 Methods of mitigating damage during disasters, disaster preparedness. The students will be asked to learn and speak English for various occasions.

Lesk,Oxford University Press 4.

csvtu new syllabus for 1st sem

Bhattacharya S. Majumdar, G.

Csvtu syllabus polytechnic

Actual Coefficient of Performance. Bhattacharya S. RSHF h. Nanotechnology Management Mechanical Engg. Numerical methods: Dunkerleys, Rayleigh, Holzer methods. Cryogenics measurement systems Temperature pressure, flow rate, liquid level measurement, Introduction to Cryocoolers. Questions Shopping Theatre vs. Unit IV Chemical Energy Sources: Fuel cells: Design, principle, classification, types, advantages and disadvantages Hydrogen Energy: Properties of hydrogen, methods of hydrogen production, physical and chemical principles, storage, advantages and application Unit V Wind Energy: Basic principle, wind energy conversion, wind energy conversion systems, design consideration, performance and application. Water-cooled condenser and air-cooled evaporator. Reference Books: 1. Financial Accounting. Urbanska et. Theoretical coefficient of Performance b.

Lesikar and Flatley. Materials Handling Principles of materials handling, unit load, Types of materials handling equipment, Relation between materials handling and plant layout.

Csvtu syllabus 1st sem 2019

Inter-personal Process: Analysis of Inter-personal relationships. Gonzalex, C. Madhu Financial and Management Accounting. Cryogenics measurement systems Temperature pressure, flow rate, liquid level measurement, Introduction to Cryocoolers. Branch: Mechanical Engg. Ballaney Khanna Pub. Mechatronics, 3 Edn. To detect distance 10cm to 80 cm with infrared object detector. Cryogenic insulations Vacuum insulation, gas filled powders and fibrous materials, solid foam, selection and comparison of insulations. Boyer Wiley Publishers 5. Reay Wiley Publishers 4. Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig 5. Multiple Evaporator and compressor system. Special Contract: Indemnity and Guarantee. MIS in Banks, Library 6.

Nagel, N. Mayer TMH 3. New Delhi, Vikas.

csvtu syllabus polytechnic

Business communication.

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CSVTU Revised Syllabus