Teaching how to write a paragraph lesson plans

One kind of skiing is called downhill skiing. I would ask my students whether they can see any beginning, middle, and a concluding part of a paragraph the analogy is a part of teacher talk.

I would check all the home tasks before going to my next class. I would ask them whether they can relate or differentiate the structure of the previous lessons and the present one. I would also provide them with a scoring rubric for a paragraph writing; as a result, they would be able to have a clear picture of how their work would be evaluated in their final examination.

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I would give 10 minutes for each group to discuss and prepare for the presentation and give three minutes to present their work. After finding that they are able to get the fundamentals of the structure of a paragraph, I would ask each student to write a paragraph on their travelling experiences abroad or different places of Bangladesh or similar topics as home task, and they would make sure that their experiences and writing would be different from one another.

They can use sentences in their paragraph. If they would like to, they need to sit for international language testing systems e. Then I would ask them to submit their home tasks in my pigeon hole one day before the next class Generally, in my institution, students get one or two days break before the next class.

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