Tenno writing a letter

Sworn Protector Now we begin to read the messages posted outside the syndicate rooms, from East to West. In this way the alphabet is similar to the Arabic alphabet.

The same "of" peculiarity from before pops up here. The "er" in "leader" pretty much contains a schwa, but the "e" here is written in Tennobet with eh, leading to a word that sounds like saying "lead heir.

As a result, "TH" resembles "T" with the simple addition of a small vertical stroke in the middle of the stem. Vowels are smaller than consonants and placed above the consonants as though they are diacritics or accent marks.

orokin meaning

In "A Tenno Otherwise, you could read this word as "off" as in "off the Tenno. Welcome One of the first signs you encounter and will continue to encounter around the Tenno hub is the welcome sign.

Hint: It's in the image filename.

warframe tenno name generator
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Tennobet writing font. We can now write Tenno.