The cost of a university education essay

The university system is all about control. The books were easily found and you take them to the checkout. But by no stretch of imagination can one argue that higher education -- in colleges and universities, should actually cost less than school education.

Students, parents, and policymakers are concern about the rapid increase.

The rising cost of education speech

Therefore the popular and common opinion is that individuals should meet the costs of education and not the government. One can expect to find the same courses being taught, the same teaching system being utilized, the same textbooks being used, and the same type of examinations in just about every university. With the addition of luxury dorms and dining plans, the college experience comes with a substantial cost If this is true, why has college tuition risen to extreme costs. Hook and Blevin note that unavailability of financial aid to low-income students leads to their drop out from colleges. Many people dream about having a college degree, but the costs of education being too high, could turn those dreams into a nightmare. But let us consider what the total cost of living and attending a four year private institution are. The The Ever Changing World of Higher Education words - 13 pages institutions of higher learning would not be able to keep up with that demand. Families most affected by this trend are the working families of the lower and middle- income. What expenses are incurred? The rest of the students will receive some sort of loan relief. Based on my interview with Rachel Schuman it became apparent that I needed to arrange an interview with admissions.

This cost has to be covered by Financial Aid. Potential Problems That May Arise From Government Policies Wiley states that intervention by the government in reducing funds to colleges will undoubtedly lead to increase homeschooling in the country. However, combining these efforts with those of the stakeholders and interest groups is a considerable challenge, and neither the colleges nor the government does a good job of addressing it.

The cost of a university education essay

Another issue should be underlined here that could influence your budget. It is with this in mind that I set about this research. In order to attract more students with strong academic profiles, colleges and universities have changed their structure of recruiting and have put emphasis on the need based rather than merit based scholarships. While the colleges are generally aware of the importance of government programs, seldom are university and college policies designed to complement efforts of the government. Private colleges and universities have more money to support their students. Education is defined as gaining knowledge which is funded by the government or charity organizations for awareness, charity, religious, or any other motives. College education is seen as a key to prestigious and highly paying jobs which culminate to better living standards. Conclusion In conclusion, college education is one of the important pillars of economy which should be addressed by all stakeholders if the country is to benefit from the sector. But is the total cost of college worth actually going through the process. Individuals seek higher education to become more proficient in a particular occupation, area of study, or as a requisite for employment or advancement in specific fields such as engineering The Value of Higher Education words - 4 pages In the United States attending a four year university has become a standard for many young adults. Moreover, organizations like alumni associations are coming in handy to help to add emergency funds. The only problems I face are financial in nature. They can work during their university years.

While the cost rises, the amount of people attending college drops. In response further, the government has come up with proposed plan that require colleges receiving government funding to create a score sheet that will reflect the actual costs of running the institutions, the rate of graduation and the potential earnings for graduates.

Those that do are working full time and attend class at night.

The rising cost of education essay

Many students are being forced into completing their degree in five or more years because they simply cannot get all the classes they need within the traditional four years. Smith also recommends homeschooling to parents who have teaching licenses or who can afford to pay personal instructors at a negotiable price. Thus there are many awards for which older students are eligible, simply because the awards do not disqualify students based on age. But we attempt to meet the needs of each student individually. So at the end result private school may cost you the same as public institution. The Financial Burden First and foremost a family has to live. Most of our students receive aid.

Colleges are also offered grants and if they can't receive grants depending on their expenditure they still have to receive a fee waiver from the government to have discounted tuition to their students. The federal government supplies 75 percent of student aid.

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