The father son relationship theme in night a novel by elie wiesel

My father had just been struck, before my very eyes, and I had not flickered an eyelid. By going through the Holocaust he is able to teach us values and lessons that should always be kept.

When Elie desires to study his religion with greater exploration, his father dismisses him as being too young. Racism and other forms of hatred will never leave our society, but it is the general passivity for it that allows bad things to happen, and the Holocaust is the prime example for this.

The ultimate example of this in Eliezer is his final night with his father. Ellie Wiesel provides the reader with an insight of the incessantly instinctive unconditional loving bond of the father-son relationship between Eliezer and his father, which develops throughout the novel.

Eliezer sees an illustration of this in the death march to Gleiwitz when a young man leaves behind his tired father, a rabbi; and again on the train to Buchenwald, when a son kills his father while fighting for a morsel of bread.

Reading example essays works the same way! The next morning, he finds his father replaced with another sick person, and he can not find it within his weak conscience to even cry over the death of his own father. As Eliezer's views on religion begin to change, so does his relationship with his father.

As the book progresses and the suffering intensifies, however, many changes are seen in this father-son bond.

themes in night

Inat the age of thirteen, Elie Wiesel was immensely religious and studied Talmud every day.

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Father Son Relationship in Night by Elie Wiesel