The immigration of puritans from england to america

Proprietors received the best and largest land grants, as well as rights to share in future divisions. An average ocean crossing lasted from eight to ten weeks but the time of the voyage could vary greatly, from a trip of just thirty-eight days to one of six months.

William Bradford was the second governor of the Plymouth colony and under his leadership; the colony began to thrive, even with other governors, until when it Crown of England merged to Massachusetts Colony.

Such covenants were common among the Purists in England when establishing new congregations. Although both sent families to New England, the migrations appear to have been weighted toward single, young men, comprising perhaps a third of total male migrants.

Within the first 10 years of settlement, the Puritans closed 22 towns from Maine to Rhode Island. By the beginning of the 18th century, Puritanism had both declined and shown its tenacity. The Project aimed to summarize and document everything known about the individual immigrants who came to New England in its first years of settlement.

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The Great Puritan Migration