The role and significance of a spiritual leader in a community

Do we intend to include or exclude women scholars such as Dr. If you aspire to be more patient, you may need to restrain an insistent urge to take action.

importance of religious leaders in the world today

Spiritual numbing. This chain goes on for many people before it is broken. The general intent is to promote some form of reconciliation or healing. Injustice may be felt, even deeply felt, but for whatever reason — whether it be shyness, uncertainly, lack of confidence, or fear of criticism or recrimination — that feeling does not translate into action to right the wrong.

Instead of school discipline, court proceedings, or other conventional punishment, the offender appears before a panel or peers, together with the person who was injured; an arrangement to repay or give restitution to the injured person — to make it right — is negotiated, agreed to, and fulfilled.

To reiterate the main point of this chapter and section, we believe that certain personal qualities of the change agent or actor — what we call here spiritual assets — can lead to more effective community building and community life in general.

Keeping in mind that in daily life forgiveness often involves relatively minor occurrences of doing and not doing — an insensitive remark, a broken object, a missed opportunity to contribute.

The role and significance of a spiritual leader in a community

A village or neighborhood group makes it a practice to welcome all new neighbors by bring food or flowers. Spiritual numbing. They have to play a dual role here: to provide leadership in religious and social affairs to their own community, and convey the interests and concerns of Muslims to the majority community and its leaders. The challenges and issues we have noted so far in converting spiritual assets into action have been essentially practical. On an organizational and community level. This could include detailed examples, stories, case studies, practice exercises, real-world practice occasions, and discussion opportunities. One may want to show compassion — and realize that one could, and feel that one should — but the actual compassionate action may somehow not get expressed. Spiritual assets, such as compassion and forgiveness, are widely valued qualities found in every culture and community. Or do we simply mean any Muslim having expertise in the realm of Islamic studies? From this perspective, therefore, we usually do not include academic scholars of religion, or even activists in religious organizations, as religious leaders. If you are acting for a just cause, you may need to prepare yourself for indifference, criticism, or retribution. Buddhist monks and nuns, imams, pastors, priests, punjaris, and leaders of other faith communities play a powerful role in shaping attitudes, opinions and behaviors because their members trust them. Religious leaders and faith communities are the largest and best-organized civil institutions in the world, claiming the allegiance of billions of believers and bridging the divides of race, class and nationality.
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