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Words: - Pages: 49 Marriage Communication Your family can usually tell when you are stressed out, relaxed, happy, or sad. Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation.

However, out of 49 states with laws regarding gay marriage, only 13 legally recognize the union of two same sex people. Anthropologist Robert Murdock said that a nuclear family included a mother, a father and their family Words: - Pages: 2 Marriage I think everyone should be partially taken care of by this country.

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Relationships are never stable, but communication has the ability heal every wound. In order to improve relationships and prevent conflict or eventual partnership dissolution, individuals involved can seek out help and guidance. Essay - What Makes a good Marriage. Each spouse has the responsibility to be as accurate as possible when communicating. Is there a marriage that last forever. If you can communicate honestly, your marriage has a good chance of being happy and healthy. This can open up a whole new understanding of the problem for both of you. Between the four countries, the concept of marriage is fairly similar, while divorce is vastly different. Sing, dance in public, do what makes you feel comfortable with your spouse. They must care for one another in sickness and in health. Marriage in Islam The main purpose of marriage in Islam is to provide both genders male and females company to one another, affection to one another, and to create children. He or she was forming a long list of complaints while walking in the door, but tossed them aside after seeing you on the couch. All represent the same word, but are interpreted differently amongst the four countries in discussion.

Negative behavior patterns such as one spouse lying or withholding financial information cause many marriages to fall apart. Therefore, this study also hopes to confirm the importance of communication in marriage by distinguishing specific causes of divorce.

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One of the obvious implications is that communication issues are not merely another potential marital problem of comparable significance and determinative effect on long-term marital and relationship outcome.

Communication pay a great role here as well.

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Autism is a developmental disability that significantly affects three areas: communication, social interaction, and behavior.

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