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He wished, for sentimental as well as pragmatic motives, to create a new major British sphere of interest in the Middle East, an important source of the oil on which the Royal Navy now depended. In the American mid-term elections held in November , the American people voted not for Wilson and his peace programme but for his Republican opponents, resulting in a Republican-dominated Senate and a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. So how did such a contentious document come into existence and why was it signed? S run "Military Labor Service Units". Later on the German president, Ebert, agreed to sign it on June 28, From the eastern part of West Prussia and the southern part of East Prussia Warmia and Masuria, a small area to Poland, The province of Saarland to be under the control of the League of Nations for 15 years, after that a plebiscite between France and Germany, to decide to which country it would belong. The result was a compromise that left nobody satisfied. They resented this approach to a newcomer to their ranks. The expectation of both the Allies and the Central Powers was that the costs of the war would largely be recouped from the losers. Such tactics were extremely successful in dividing the victorious coalition which had defeated Germany and negotiated the peace. The right placard reads "We never want to be vassals". Lloyd George was absent until 5 March , whilst on 19 February , Clemenceau survived an assassination attempt.

Young and presented its findings in June Belgium had been picked clean. Furthermore, in during the German retreat, German troops devastated France's most industrialized region in the north-east Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin.

The Treaty of Versailles came into force on 10 Januaryalthough decisions about reparations and from plebiscites and were still to be made. Stephen Schuker, in his definitive econometric studypp.

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The logistics of signing the treaty still needed to be organised. France wanted to be given control of many of Germany's factories.

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Around German railroad workers involved in sabotage were executed by French authorities. Their crippling conditions amounted to surrender. This resulted in a massive withdrawal of domestic and foreign funds from German banks.

The League was last on their agenda — a move hardly likely to endear the suggestion to Wilson, especially when they stated the Fourteen Points were "not sufficiently defined in their character to be taken as a basis for a concrete settlement of the war.

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A Reparations Agency was established with Allied representatives to organize the payment of reparations. It was the total failure of the victorious powers to work closely together after to contain German power, rather than the specific terms of the peace settlement, which was one of the contributing factors to the outbreak of a second world war 20 years later. By mid-July, all German banks had closed. Later on the German president, Ebert, agreed to sign it on June 28, Beyond that, deprived of any reliable means of enforcing their will, the new map depended more upon the outcome of wars and armed struggles — as the Chief of the British Imperial General Staff, Sir Henry Wilson , observed, "The root of evil is that the Paris writ does not run. No provisions were made to end secret diplomacy or preserve freedom of the seas. The Americans rejected the argument that some had paid for victory with blood and others with treasure. In late , the Agent-General for Reparations "called for a more permanent scheme" for payments and in the Germans followed suit.

In addition, the population of Upper Silesia was to be given the chance to vote in a future plebiscite on whether they wished to remain in Germany or become a part of the new Polish state.

He claimed that reductions to trade barriers, fair adjustment of colonies, and respect for national self-determination would reduce economic and nationalist sentiments that lead to war.

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