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If required in your major department, submit your thesis proposal in the second semester of your junior year. Make a one-on-one appointment with the reference librarian in your area of focus. Plan a new timeline for spring.

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The thesis is formally one semester, but requires a lead-in semester of independent study for creditso it is effectively two semesters. Eligibility Criteria Students who wish to pursue an honors thesis must: Be a senior.

Tufts thesis honors candidate form

If you do not meet criteria established by the department, the department chair may determine whether you merit a waiver to the usual policy. Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis versus Senior Thesis in Your Major Many majors require a senior capstone in some form, and completing a senior honors thesis is one way to fulfill this capstone requirement.

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Students may pursue only one Senior Honors Thesis per bachelor degree; that is, students who have two or three majors may not pursue two or three Honors Theses. The third member of the committee may be another professor from Tufts or a professor from another institution. Who is My Advising Dean? This should be the final, completed, corrected version ready for posterity. The oral presentation should last approximately 30 minutes and is followed by questions from the audience and the thesis committee. Be very careful to cite sources correctly and incorporate them into your writing so as to avoid accidental plagiarism. Thesis honors will be indicated on your transcript and will be read aloud at commencement. Begin drafting a thesis proposal. Length: pages including figures , but the actual length depends on the sub-discipline. Schedule a meeting with your entire committee so there will be no unpleasant surprises during the defense. Defense: A talk with questions from the committee; format could be anything from chalk to PowerPoint. Ideally the thesis document contains discoveries that become incorporated into a journal paper or conference presentation. February and March: Write your thesis section by section and submit drafts to your primary advisor for revision comments. Now is the time to pay attention to clarity of expression and prose style; you may need to work on major structural changes to your outline or clarify your logic. Length: Usually pages but quality is more important than length.

Remember to include a bibliography with any draft you submit to your committee members. Helps you resolve issues of research, focus, content, and form.

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Honors theses can vary as to the amount of library versus lab research. Contact possible faculty advisors and readers. Meet with an ARC writing consultant or join a writing group to help you stay on track. The chairperson of your major department must sign this form. Keep a journal to record your ideas related to thesis topic and research discoveries. Length: pages including figures , but the actual length depends on the sub-discipline. Keep accurate bibliographic notes and organized files. The honors thesis should have a strong basis in the published literature, and the thesis itself is intended to have the formatting and style of a M. Remember to include a bibliography with any draft you submit to your committee members. Second reader-this must be a Tufts faculty member from the same department or another department. The end product is a written thesis as well as a presentation.

The thesis requires a research project as opposed to simply a design.

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