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July and November are known as the "typhoon months". Now the country is bracing for the expected arrival of Typhoon Halong from the southeast and Tropical Storm Nakri from the south.

Typhoon guam

The storm flooding contaminated Fena Lake , which provides water to the military base, for a few days. Dead animals and rubbish are strewn everywhere, and potable water has become scarce. Typhoons are no stranger to Chuuk. During its passage, the typhoon destroyed Chataan also damaged roads on the island, many due to fallen trees. Flooding also destroyed a building and damaged the runway at Antonio B. Rainfall was much less than elsewhere in the typhoon's path, and a hour total of By that date, trash collection was restored, and government-opened shelters were closed. Caritas Australia will provide funds to relieve the immediate need for food, drinking water and temporary shelter.

It has a population of 63, people, who live on 40 inhabited islands. Even as Chataan passed up the coast of Japan and moved northeast, another storm began brewing to the south.

Chataan also damaged roads on the island, many due to fallen trees. Typically, typhoons form close to Chuuk before moving on towards Guam and Saipan. This represented the deadliest natural disaster in the island's recorded history. According to news reports, tens of thousands of people were asked to evacuate low-lying coastal areas as the storm skirted the east coast of the country, bringing high winds and heavy rains that produced floods and mudslides in the region, and disrupted transportation services.

Typhoon chataan
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