What part should the government take in ensuring that corporations are environmentally friendly

One hundred forty-five countries around the world—the majority of them are developing countries—participate in it. These include climate change, decreasing supplies of clean water, loss of ecological systems, degradation of the oceans, air pollution, an increase in the use and disposal of toxic substances, and the plight of endangered species.

benefits of being environmentally friendly business

A consensus development at the OECD is based on soft law instruments, meaning nonbinding statements of values and principles. Find energy and money saving advice on the Energy Saving Trust website You can also find energy saving advice on the Carbon Trust Wales website.

what are some of the challenges and benefits of companies being environmentally conscious

Another CSR incentive called the World Summit on Sustainable Development focuses on implementation and execution that is synchronous with the finance and trade negotiations of Monterey and Doha.

The UN Global Compact will translate the SDGs for business and help companies understand how they can leverage these goals to drive good practices, growth opportunities and innovation. The SDGs do not only present business with duties, they can be seen as great opportunities.

Growing rapidly to corporate members, the Global Compact can play a vital role in connecting business and governments to achieve the SDGs. Rather, we should ask how well it would work in a nation, indeed in a world, in which such resources were severely limited.

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Protecting the environment