Wollstonecraft vs rousseau the role of

In this work, Rousseau suggests that women are responsible for educating the young while arguing that they are incapable of reason. His treatise "Emile, or on Education" and his book " The Social Contract " influenced philosophies about education and politics, respectively.

Few of those who have had the good fortune to rule states and command armies have remained in mediocrity; they have almost all distinguished themselves by some brilliant point by which they have deserved our admiration for them….

jean jacques rousseau

Find phrases that use Enlightenment vocabulary and ideas such as natural rights, patriotism, independence. One of the bigger reforms of this time was that which would grant women a higher education and place them in a position closer to their male counterparts. These changes that she believed were necessary were known as reforms during the period of The Enlightenment.

One thing she can't get behind in this guy's thinking is the way he shrinks away from modern civilization and endorses a return to nature.

rousseau and wollstonecraft disagree on the

He argued that men might have desired women but did not need them to survive, while women both desired men and needed them. Clearly, smart women had played a role in his own development as a scholar. Wollstonecraft is saying that Rousseau's line of thinking is aligned with "Wooo! Due to her variety of reasoning that target both genders, her argument can be considered persuasive.

Stanford University Press, Although Wollstonecraft incorporated some disadvantageous reasoning into her arguments, such as religion, a controversial topic, and many opinions, which can lead to bias, much of what she says made her essay persuasive to both genders.

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Mary Wollstonecraft VS. Jean